The Most Annoying Jingles in the World

R&R Partners ad agency hired me to write the lyrics, compose the music and sing a series of radio spots for Circus Circus Hotel and Casinos. It was truly the pursuit of high art: create ads that sound like they’re recorded by a dude of questionable intelligence, sobriety and musical talent. Oh, and make the sound quality really crappy. But do it all in a way that’s annoyingly melodic, so that people will hate themselves for not being able to get the chorus out of their heads. The creative director said to me, “You’d be perfect for this.” I took that as a compliment. Please endure these samples from the campaign. If you can’t stand them, I’ll take that as a compliment, too.

3 thoughts on “The Most Annoying Jingles in the World

  1. They picked the right guy that’s for sure… musical talent and some slick and speedy VO work thrown in for good measure. Great job!

  2. Dude! I think I just won! That was truly fantastic. If only I had a crappy casino client, cause if I did, I’d hire you for reals. All krappy kasino kidding aside, they were awesome. Nicely done.

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