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Morsel #26: And Now for Something Completely Different. You were expecting a Morsel O’ Film Music, perhaps? Nope. This time, it’s a Morsel O’ Song Demo. Song written by Patricia Bahia and Betty Lawrence; arranged/produced by me. Click on that button to hear it. By the way, if you have a song you want produced/arranged/otherwise spruced up, we should talk. What else…oh, right, there’s a new animation clip on my Work page, so check that out, too. 

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“Where’d You Dig Up That Old Fossil?”: Episode 4 – Hamburgers

November 12, 2018

The latest installment of “Where’d You Dig Up That Old Fossil?” takes us back to, I think, 1997:

Client: Hardee’s

Agency: Radioland

Creative Dir./Copywriter: Austin Howe

Producer: Cathy Curran

Lead Vocal/Overzealous Burger Chef: Austin Howe

Back-Up Singers: Can’t remember

Saxophone: Jeff Homan

Child Voices: Ryan Barcos, Trina Barcos, Ellen Berry

Cheesy synth sounds: Alesis QS8 keyboard.

Engineer: Tor Kingdon

Studio: Newton Bard

I have fond memories of this session. Even though I’m a vegetarian. Now, please enjoy, “Hardee’s Charbroil Burger.”