Busking? Sure, Busking.

My friend David Levine and I have a band called Chip & Drifty, which we formed rather unceremoniously about 20 years ago. Two dudes, hanging out, writing weird songs, and eventually recording and performing them. We released an album called So Fine a Lady a few years back, and we’ve got a collection of new songs awaiting imminent release here in the coming weeks and months.

A couple weeks ago, we took the Bay Area by storm, armed with two guitars, a toy glockenspiel, a harmonica and a shaker. And there, in The City by the Bay, and in The City Across the Bay From The City by the Bay — Berkeley — we busked. For those of you unfamiliar with busking (which I was until recently), it’s when artists (or in this case, Chip & Drifty) perform in public, in hopes of garnering the occasional fan, dollar bill or CD sale.

For us, it was an opportunity to test our nerve, try out new songs and old on an unsuspecting public, and learn how to project our voices over the clanging of trolley cars and the booming of BART arrival announcements.

We had a great time and chronicled some of it here, here and here.

You can visit our website to sign up for email updates and hear some music, “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and buy So Fine a Lady on iTunes or from cdbaby.com. Got all that? Wait wait! One last link.

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