Breakfast: The Musical!

Yes, you read that right: a musical about breakfast. And why not? Who hasn’t wanted to break into song about oatmeal? Or yogurt. It’s 9:15 a.m. and I’m eating a Pop-Tart as I type this. And singing about it. See what I mean?


Late last summer-into-fall, I worked on a web series produced by Disney for Kellogg’s and Milk called CeReality. The 100-episode series followed the morning chaos of five families. Each family had a different concept – one spoofed horror films, another was a soap-opera parody, etc., and one was a musical. Yes, a family that would spontaneously break into songs about breakfast. It was all tongue-in-cheek and a blast to work on. I worked with lyricist Amy Forstadt to come up with 10 songs, in different genres: country, disco, ’80s pop, electronica, punk and more. For this one, we channeled as much Journey and Night Ranger as we could stomach and came up with a reverb-drenched rock ballad, called “Two Hearts, Two Spoons.”



Cary Okmin executive-produced for Disney, and Barry Samson and his tireless crew at Toybox Entertainment produced the entire series. Full cast and crew are listed here.

3 thoughts on “Breakfast: The Musical!

  1. A bit of Night Ranger and Journey is always welcome. Soft rock melodrama at its best and Tony the Tiger would be proud, i’m sure! :-o)

    This is fun, let’s see the other genres. Especially the horror and musical ones.

    Great job on the new and improved website by the way. Loving your email updates!

  2. Hi Tim!

    Thanks a lot, yeah Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam both needed to approve these at the highest levels.

    I’ll post more of these, definitely. Thanks again for checking out the site!

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