Grand Re-Opening/The Third Rule Hits iTunes!

Cut the ribbon with the giant scissors and cue the marching band – my new website is up! It’s chock-full of my music, plenty of pictures and movies, my thoughts on various and sundry musical things, and what else…oh yeah, did I mention music to listen to? Enough of my music to keep you coming back from now until, well, let’s just say, a long time from now. A week, at least (see the latest Tim’s Almost Weekly Morsel o’ Music).

And now, an announcement: A film I scored recently, The Third Rule, will be available on iTunes in February. It’s a comedy short, directed by Aundre Johnson, starring Anthony Hopkins, Jason Biggs, Joel David Moore and Josh Hutcherson. As soon as I know the formal release date, I’ll post it here.

In other news, there’s lots of other news, none of which I can really talk about now. Top secret stuff, in differing states of doneness – and which, as soon as I can mention in detail, I certainly will. In the short time between now and the next update, please enjoy listening over and over to this jingle I composed for Hardee’s.

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