Morsel #27: Ode to Hairless Cat.

Morsel #27: Ode to Hairless Cat. It might seem a strange coincidence that someone who loves cats, volunteers at a cat rescue and generally enjoys all things feline would come to compose music for an animated series about cats. Superhero cats, no less. Strange, yes. Also, true. The series is called The Nine Lives of Claw, and a few episodes are streaming now, here. And here (actually, that’s a link to the Kidsflix app, which you need to view it there). My most recent Morsel is from the episode “Something Sphynx.” Also, check out the music with video on my Work page.

Morsel #26: And Now for Something Completely Different.

Morsel #26: And Now for Something Completely Different. You were expecting a Morsel O’ Film Music, perhaps? Nope. This time, it’s a Morsel O’ Song Demo. Song written by Patricia Bahia and Betty Lawrence; arranged/produced by me. Click on that button to hear it. By the way, if you have a song you want produced/arranged/otherwise spruced up, we should talk. What else…oh, right, there’s a new animation clip on my Work page, so check that out, too. 

Morsel #25: One Minute, Many Moods.

Morsel #25: One Minute, Many Moods. Look, Tim’s Morsel O’ Music’s 25th post! No gifts please (which as you know, means, yes gifts, thank you). To celebrate, here’s a Morsel O’ Many Moods in a Minute, animation style. This was for an episode where I had to compose for very short scenes of an urban environment, drama, mystery and action — and make sure it all held together, stylistically. I hope you love love love it. 

Morsel #24: Finally, Dogs.

Morsel #24: Finally, Dogs. See, you don’t know me. Just when you think it’s gonna be all cats all the time…dogs. Okay, to be fair, there is a cat in the scene — but it’s mostly dogs. And gangster dogs at that. I hope you enjoy the next two minutes and 27 seconds of gangster dog/superhero cat/balls-of-yarn-might-be-involved chase music.

Morsel #22: More Noir! More Cats!

Morsel #23: More Noir! More Cats! – Is there a connection between my love of cats, having three cats, volunteering/being a board member at a cat rescue and ending up writing more music for cats than your average composer person? I’m sure not. Here’s another piece I wrote recently for a very top-secret game about 1940s cat detectives.

Morsel #21: Borzage!

Morsel #21: Borzage! – Sounds like something you yell right before you crash into something. Also, it’s the last name of a legendary director (first name Frank), who made a silent film I got to score a few years back for Fox, called Lazybones. Here’s some pastoral acoustic music to take the edge off. Featuring Bryan Pezzone, piano; Sheridon Stokes, flute; John Goux, guitar.

Morsel #20: Noir-Toon!

Morsel #20: Noir-Toon! – You know when cartoon squirrels want to pretend they’re 1940s Humphrey-Bogart-Maltese-Falcon-y gumshoes? Yeah, you do. Here’s some music I wrote for when that happens.

Morsel #19 – Skydiving and Math

Morsel #19: Skydiving and Math – In this retro-styled animation I scored for, skydivers fly in formation, while solving math problems. If that had been me skydiving, the only problem I’d be trying to solve is how to not poop my pants. Also, this features the very talented Fino Roverato on guitar.

Morsel #18 – Running

Morsel #18 – Running: I wrote this for a TV spot that featured a jogger out for a pre-dawn run in the city. Since I have little to no experience with that sort of insanity – and intend to keep it that way – composing this music was a true test of my imagination.